About us


During the 1980's when the Hong Kong economy was expanding, building owners started to make improvements to their properties. At that time, there was low public awareness of the need to carry out structural or concrete repairs, to any agreed standard or quality. The same lack of awareness applied to waterproofing materials and techniques. Furthermore, the Hong Kong Government did not encourage the public to choose suitable, experienced specialist contractors or materials. Because of this, building owners employed many small contractors with unskilled labour. These small contractors, many of whom had no offices, workshops, proper tools, etc. and certainly no idea on suitability of materials, carried out the repair work and waterproofing for building owners with no form of guarantee issued. Repairs and waterproofing failed prematurely leaving building owners out of pocket and deeply frustrated.

There are still a large number of buildings to date that are in need of repair and proper waterproofing: ne only has to look at the newspaper to have an understanding of the risk these strutures pose to the public.

It was from this sorry environment in Hong Kong in 1986 that four of the leading specialist concrete repair contractors formed a registered body dedicated to raising the awareness and the standards of all involved with or with responsibility in the business of concrete repairs.

Speciafically, its aim as set out in the constitution are as follows:
1. Promote and develop the practice of good concrete repair
2. Advance education and technical training in the concrete repair industry
3. Represent the members in matter of common interest

Originally known as the Association of Specialist Concrete Repair Contractors (AsCoRc), the organization has grown and prosper every year.

Such has been the interest and demand to be involved in the association from disciplines outside pure contracting, that in March 1993 the association was formally renamed the Hong Kong Concrete Repair Association (HKCRA). It now includes amongst its members, property developers, materials technologists and specialists material suppliers together with specialist contractors.

There are now dozens of company members and 9 associates and many individual members plus affiliates relationship with other similar organizations in the UK and USA; all seeking to learn about the use of correct repair materials and techniques.

For many of our members the inclusion of waterproofing, in their daily activities is synonymous with concrete repairs. At our AGM at the end of 2013 there was an unanimous vote of all members to change our association's name to encompass waterproofing.

Effective 2014, our association has been renamed and registered as the "Hong Kong Concrete Repair and Waterproofing Association Ltd".